Python技术栈 [TOC] NumPy IPython 一个交互式 shell SciPy 数值计算, 最初和NumPy属于同一个项目. SymPy 符号计算 Matplotlib PIL The Python Imaging Library (PIL) adds image processing capabilities to your Python interpreter. This library supports many file formats, and provides powerful image processing and graphics capabilities. 绘图 Cython 代码提速 scikit-learn 机器学习,数据挖掘与分析 Numba Numba gives you the power to speed up your applications with high performance functions written directly in Python. With a few annotations, array-oriented and math-heavy Python code can be just-in-time compiled to native machine instructions, similar in performance to C, C++ and Fortran, without having to switch languages or Python interpreters.