h5py: Python interface to HDF5,http://www.h5py.org/

PyTables: Python API to organize and manipulate scientific data tables and other numeric objects http://www.pytables.org/

HDFql: High-level language for HDF5 (similar to SQL),Tool to manage HDF5 files. Reads and writes HDF data through a simple and clean interface.http://www.hdfql.com/

Pomegranate:Management and Access,Web service software, web API, library and command line tool. An open source Python application that implements the open Webification (w10n) Science API for major scientific data stores (HDF, NetCDF, etc.). It makes file inner components, such attributes and data arrays, directly addressable and accessible via well-defined and meaningful URLs. http://pomegranate.nasa.gov/

pandas: http://pandas.pydata.org/

PyHexad : Python-based Excel add-in for HDF5https://support.hdfgroup.org/projects/pyhexad/

HDF Server:Remote Access, Python-based web service to send/receive HDF5 data using HTTP-based REST interface https://support.hdfgroup.org/projects/hdfserver/

HL-HDF : C & Python high level library for scientific data in HDF5 http://git.baltrad.eu/manual/hlhdf/index.html

Mosaik : Special Purpose , A flexible smart grid co-simulation framework https://mosaik.offis.de/

pyrat: Special Purpose, Python Simplifies handling of large multi-frequency radio interferometric visibility datasets and images https://github.com/mrbell/pyrat

Dawn: Visualization and Analysis platform for synchrotron data http://dawnsci.org/



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