官网 https://www.hdfgroup.org/ Python相关的软件包 参考 https://support.hdfgroup.org/products/hdf5_tools/SWSummarybyType.htm h5py: Python interface to HDF5,http://www.h5py.org/ PyTables: Python API to organize and manipulate scientific data tables and other numeric objects http://www.pytables.org/ HDFql: High-level language for HDF5 (similar to SQL),Tool to manage HDF5 files. Reads and writes HDF data through a simple and clean interface.http://www.hdfql.com/ Pomegranate:Management and Access,Web service software, web API, library and command line tool. An open source Python application that implements the open Webification (w10n) Science API for major scientific data stores (HDF, NetCDF, etc.